About us

We are Specialist in Skills Development

The South African Corporate Training Associaton (SACTA) is a skills development and training company that specialises in the provision of customised applicaton-based learning programs. These learning programmes are structured to ensure enhanced levels of productvity and performance to both management and employees. Training modules are individually customised to the specific needs, plans and long-term objectives of each client and the company alike. It is built on a complete client centred approach. SACTA is a proudly South African company managed by a team of highly qualifed and experienced professionals. It is 100% Black owned. Our philosophy is rooted in ensuring the full optmizaton of individual and team performance and in unlocking the full potential of all our candidates for the benefit of organizational performance and development. Through our various partnerships within the industry, we confidently ensure that all our courses offer the best solutions for the achievement of excellence. Our name, SACTA was motvated by the strong belief that Corporate Training Providers should collectively act for the greater good of South Africa and that this cohesive working together can achieve anything and everything in the corporate training environment

Our Vision

We envisage being the best in the chosen field of expertise and we aim be one of the leading Human Capital managers noted for our excellent, dedicated and committed services

Our mission

Establish and nurture long-term partnerships through trust, commitment, reliance and integrity with our clients Provide an honest and open assistance to candidates, trainers, training providers and S.A ETQA’s. Contribute positively towards South Africa’s economic progress through the provision of service excellence; career guidance and organisational efficiency and increased productivity. Empower and sustain disadvantaged individuals

Speak To Us About Your Training Needs

Our training programmes are customizable to suite your spefic needs.


Our BB-BEE policy is in line with the government’s Broad Based BEE initiative. Our procurement is also strictly in line with this policy and the Directors of SACTA strictly adhere to this. SACTA is also a member of Proudly South African, thereby ensuring that all our products and services are procured within South Africa.


SACTA recognizes the importance of empowering those who were not given the opportunity to educate themselves. We are therefore committed to contributing to the community through imitates such as offering free computer training to disadvantaged communities in various townships